Learn To Lease Apartments – Can You Do It Free?

You want to learn how to lease apartments and start a new career, but you are worried about the expense. That is a common feeling, so let us explore a couple of ways you can do it free, or at least inexpensively.

Sell Yourself As A Great Salesperson

The number one attribute of a great leasing agent is the ability to sell the features and benefits of an apartment complex to a prospective tenant. If you are already in sales and have a proven track record, many apartment complexes would be interested in talking to you.

This is the easiest way to get free training to become an apartment leasing agent. You will be trained by the apartment leasing manager, and learn the precise methods they want you to use. The training covers important facets of being a leasing agent including:

• How to properly fill out lease agreements.
• What you can and cannot say, or promise, to a tenant.
• The importance of being 100% truthful when presenting an apartment.
• What features of an apartment to showcase.
• What features of the complex convince a tenant to sign a lease agreement.
• Legal requirements.

This is just an overview of the things you must know.

Online Training To Become A Leasing Agent

This option may cost you a few hundred dollars but helps you go from being a maybe to be a highly desired leasing agent.

The most recognized training program is offered through the National Apartment Association. The NALP program (National Apartment Leasing Professional) is considered the standard for training leasing agents and helping them prepare to become apartment managers in the future.

The training is available online but is often offered by local apartment associations, too. Check in your city and see if it has an Apartment Association.

Real Estate Background – Move To The Front

Real Estate Agents frequently move from selling houses to being leasing agents. Their training provides them with the proper terminology, learning how to present property, and how to fill out a lease or home purchase agreements. If you have already been working as an agent, leverage your license and knowledge to get the job.

Is getting a Real Estate Agent’s license a cheaper way to get the job? Not at all. You will spend more time and money getting licensed as an agent, so if you are trying to save money consider our other two options first. Most states require Real Estate Agents to have 60 to 90 pre-licensing hours of training, plus go through thorough exams before applying for their license. Plus, you need to add-on the cost of paying for your license.

Why do some people go that route if it is more expensive? A licensed real estate agent has more options for finding work, but will not have the advantage over a certified apartment leasing agent. If you need to choose between the two, go with the NALP training.

Our first best advice is to contact a couple of local properties and find out what they require to become a leasing agent for their company. Use their requirements to choose which type of training you will seek.